Tuesday March 11, 2014

5 Questions for the "Local" Retailer

1) Why should my customer visit my store instead of shopping on Amazon?
2) Why should they purchase at my store instead of purchasing via Amazon?
3) How am I different than the “big boxes”?
4) Why am I better than the “big boxes”?
5) Why do we matter anymore? 

If any of your answers are, “because we’re local”, what happens when nobody cares anymore? (Soft translation- what happens when "buying local" is no longer worth the additional cost, hassle?)

It used to be that the big box stores and online vendors purely offered superior price and convenience. The service was abysmal. A huge trade-off for many people.  

But that was 5 or 10 years ago. 

Now, even Home Depot has a 79% highly satisfied customer service score vs 70% in 2006. Almost 1 in 5 customers highly satisfied. 

Or consider Amazon.com, coming in at 88% highly satisfied vs 84% in 2001. 

Or Costco at 84%  vs. 76% back in 2001. 

The big boxes are all getting better at the service piece. Are you? 

*data courtesy of American Customer Satisfaction Index www.theacsi.org

Chris Nordyke is an integrated marketer and strategy consultant. He works with owners and senior business leaders to transform and grow service companies via a unique holistic approach that drives referral business and client retention. Click here to schedule a complimentary consult with Chris.

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