Thursday May 23, 2013

A Case for Animated Video

I’ve been digging on whiteboarding videos and animated pieces for some time now. They’re fun to look at. For a real treat, check out these guys’ portfolio. Or here’s a great whiteboard example.

I think animated video(AV) is hands down one of the best communication tools for new startups, especially inventive ones breaking new ground. The more complex the idea, the more AV shines.

Here’s the 3 reasons animated video (regardless of the style) should be part of your overall go-to-market strategy:

1) Animated videos are less distracting: humans are easily distracted by other humans. Real people in video, regardless of how attractive they are, distract from the orientation message. Whether it’s a chiseled jaw line, beautiful blue eyes, the Clooney beard, the British accent, or the Jolie lips, we lock in on the messenger, not the message. Especially when it’s under 2 minutes.

Animated video doesn’t suffer from this. The animation IS the message.

2) Animation is awesome for illustrating and explaining complex concepts in a short period of time. If you haven’t watched the Dropbox video, head over there and give it a look. It’s a masterpiece. (You’ll likely have to log out to see the virgin homepage where the video lives)

The ta da moment happens when the file displays on all three devices. You just get it. Now it’s all second nature to us, but when Dropbox was first emerging, we didn’t really get the “Cloud”.

3) You can control your message. If you’re depending on your about page to sell your product, or counting on your followers to just “get it” and evangelize their friends, you’re probably in for a rude awakening.

The old game of Telephone comes to mind. Everyone’s going to have their own interpretation of how your product works, and the message degrades with each person that talk to about it. That’s going to happen regardless, but animated video is a great medium for carefully sharing your concept in a format that can easily be shared- and your message remains intact.

Have you seen any great product videos lately? Drop a link here. Why do you think it works?

Chris Nordyke is an integrated marketer and strategy consultant. He works with owners and senior business leaders to transform and grow service companies via a unique holistic approach that drives referral business and client retention. Click here to schedule a complimentary consult with Chris.

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