Monday March 10, 2014

The $5 Discount "Gift"

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I've gotten this exact same post card for the last probably 3 years running. So has my wife Cara. 

Let's rework this piece. But first, a few things they got right:

  • They handwrote my name- this is almost always a plus. 
  • They nailed the timing (it came a few days before my B-day)
  • The goal, of getting me into their office, is a smart one. 

4 things they could do differently with this birthday mailing:

  • Make it a Real Gift (My Favorite): Free 15 Minute Chair Massage (No purchase necessary) 
    • A great opportunity to woo the customer and possibly convert them back into a client
    • Make it a fun experience for them, and who do you think they'll call when they torque their back playing basketball?
  • Make it an Appeal: We want you back!
    • We know it's been a while
    • We've grown, remodeled the office, added 3 new massage therapists
    • Let us treat you to a 15 Minute Birthday Chair Massage. It'll be a great start or finish to your birthday festivities. 
  • Segment, Segment, Segment
    • Customize the content based on the relationship status. Has it been 3 months since my last office visit, or 3 years?
    • Have I had two treatments, or have I had dozens over the years? (Different relationship)
      • If I've had several treatments in the last couple years, but haven't been in for a couple months, it's possible I'm feeling great. I'm not necessarily a defector. You wouldn't want to talk to me like I'm a defector. 
  • Don't Pretend
    • Don't talk to a defector like they're a current customer. You know, and they know that they're no longer a customer. 
    • Be direct. You're trying to woo them back as a patient/client. Just tell them that's your goal. 
    • Never pretend that a "call to action" is actually a gift. A discount is not a gift.


What do you think when you get mailings like this? What would your reaction to this postcard have been? What did I miss- How could they have revamped this piece for positive impact? 



Chris Nordyke is an integrated marketer and strategy consultant. He works with owners and senior business leaders to transform and grow service companies via a unique holistic approach that drives referral business and client retention. Click here to schedule a complimentary consult with Chris.

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