Wednesday February 27, 2013

The Top 5 Blogs in My Flipboard

picture of blogs I read like Seth Godin Dan PinkBlogs I Read

Here’s the 5 Blogs that I find consistently meaningful to the work I do, and why:

1) I’ve been following Seth for more than 10 years now, and even went to a live workshop of his in NYC last August. Seth blogs daily on business culture, innovation, marketing and the connection economy.

2) I found Springwise when I began using Flipboard on my iPad- must’ve been a year or more ago. Springwise curates a running blog of sometimes peculiar, but always fascinating business ideas and innovative products. Much of it is pretty bleeding-edge stuff. Everything from mobile apps, to electronics and new retail merchandising innovations. It’s a great source of inspiration.

3) I started reading VentureBeat when a friend of a friend became a writer there. I’ve found it to be a pretty awesome source for venture capital news in both SFO and NYC. It’s a good place to keep a pulse on where investment money is flowing- what startup categories are getting the most love. It’s also a great place to learn about venture funding, terminology and the key players.

4) I’ve been reading TechCrunch for 5 or so years now. TechCrunch for me, is a great place to stay up on new mobile app startups. I also find TC to be a great source of tech commentary- covering everything from mobile and consumer electronics, to enterprise SaaS, big data and venture deals.

5) I first got turned on to Dan via He gave a talk on “The surprising truth about what motivates us.” I was hooked. Ever since, I’ve been following his posts and am currently reading his latest book, To Sell is Human. Also fantastic. I look to Dan’s blog for insights about sales strategy and marketing, company culture, and management strategy.

One category I’m missing- customer experience. If you have a great customer experience blog you read, I’d love to know about it.

Any favorite blogs you have? Why? Please share.

Chris Nordyke is an integrated marketer and strategy consultant. He works with owners and senior business leaders to transform and grow service companies via a unique holistic approach that drives referral business and client retention. Click here to schedule a complimentary consult with Chris.

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