Hire Chris

I specialize in helping service companies grow using a tailored approach that includes brand-building, field sales development, digital strategy and customer experience fine-tuning. 

I identify a company's core strengths and unique value, build an authentic story around it, and then work to align the entire company's operations around that story to ensure a consistent customer experience that drives growth. 

The consulting method I use is non-traditional... in that it's both hands-on and strategic. I go beyond simply identifying opportunities for growth, and actually walk with senior leadership during the first stages of implementation and execution, participating and modeling along the way.

I lead change initiatives side by side with employees and management, at the same time working with senior leadership behind the scenes on culture-building behaviors, operations and long-term reputation/brand-building initiatives. 

My initial consultation is free. Call me today to arrange a time: 541-990-8050